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HiSilicon demonstrate 8K solution in UHD Forum 2019

[Guangzhou, China, May 9]The World UHD Video (4K/8K) Industry Conference 2019 was held in Guangzhou on May 9th.

“HiSilicon is keen to have deep discussions with industry partners in terms of connectivity, display, STB, and camera on how to cultivate the 8K ecosystem. With the innovative new technologies and creative new business models, HiSilicon hopes to open a new chapter for 8K with partners” said Xiongwei, the the president of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., LTD. He also delivered a speech on ‘UHD Device and Chipset’ session with the name of “Smart 8K, a New Chapter”.

In the meeting, a signing ceremony was held for nine UHD industry projects. As a member, HiSilicon is involved the model project of 8K industry ecosystem. Mr. Xiong Wei attended the signing ceremony on behalf of HiSilicon Shanghai.

Here are the key information about the speech from Mr. Xiong Wei.


8K is now a hot spot. Japan, China and South Korea have all released UHD action plans and want to lead the 8K industry. China has industry leading capabilities in key technologies like SoC, display panel, transmission solution etc. All parties should work closely to optimize 4K and lead the 8K industry in the future.


8K starts from device SoC. HiSilicon 4K solutions have been widely used in the end-to-end 4K industry, including capture, edit & encoding, transmission, decoding, and display. It is pretty much mature right now. The next generation 8KP120 STB and TV SoCs will be launched in this September.


8K brings immersive experience and smart operation capabilities. With higher resolution, higher frame rate, wider color range and higher quality audio, end users will have extremely immersive audiovisual experience. 8K means even more when AI is used in Super-Resolution, video content analysis, user interface etc. From service provider perspective, AI also helps them to improve capabilities in data analysis, interaction, value-added services, and monetization etc.


End-to-end 8K SoC solutions powered by HiSilicon. The industry’s first 8KP120 display SoC and decoder SoC will be available in September 2019. The 1st 8K industry camera SoC has been launched in 2017. HiSilicon provides the industry end-to-end 8K video solutions to improve the maturity of 8K ecosystem.


Open 8K video transmission and home network solutions to the industry. HiSilicon is committed to building a world-leading access and "Home Bus" solution for 8K video transmission. The big screen serves as an integrated service center for home IoT and supports the HiLink protocol. HiSilicon will open this protocol to the industry. HiSilicon is also going to open 4G and 5G, 10GPON, G.hn MIMO, and WiFi6 capabilities to the industry.


Work with the industry to push 8K forward. With joint innovations and new business models, HiSilicon is keen to work with the industry to build leading audio and video standards (such as AVS3/HDR/NGA), leading UHD industry standards (such as device production and test standards), and collaborative innovations in various industries like UHD video capture, edit, encoding, transmission/distribution, decoding and display. All parties need to work closely to develop the industry.


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