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HiSilicon Empowers SHARP to Unveil the 2nd Generation AQOUS 8K Smart TV Series with Hi3751V811 Inside

Shenzhen, China – 16th Jan 2019 – HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd, as a world leading fabless IC semiconductor company, today officially announced the collaboration with SHARP, one of the World’s largest and leading TV corporation. With HiSilicon’s most cutting-edge technology in chipset Hi3751V811, SHARP unveils the 2nd generation AQOUS 8K Smart TV 80, 70 and 60 series, supporting state-of-the-art HDRs.

HiSilicon Hi3751V811 is an extremely high-performance TV chip with 8K decoding and display. The solution is based on the latest Android system software and supports various 8K application scenarios, including 8K images and 8K media. Hi3751V811 provides stunning CPU processing capabilities with a quad-core ARM® Cortex® A73+A53 64-bit CPU and a multi-core ARM® MaliTM-G51 GPU which meets many differentiated technical challenges. Hi3751V811 not only supports 8K screen output but also can interconnect with 4K screens. Hi3751V811 provides the following fantastic display features:


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