Home News Huawei reports shipment of more than 20M NB-IoT chips and will launch next generation chip Boudica 200 in 2020

Huawei announce the next generation Boudica 200 will be released in 2020

[Shenzhen,China,Apri 10]At the 7th China Information Technology Expo 2019(CITE2019), Huawei announced that it has shipped 20M NB-IoT chips since launching the first Boudica 120 product in 2017. Boudica 120 and its successor Boudica 150 are widely used in smart metering, vehicle monitoring, and smart smoke detector applications.

Huawei also announced that the next generation Boudica 200 will be released in 2020, supporting 3GPP R15 and onward evolution and higher system integration. Security performance will also be improved to address increasing industry concerns around IoT security.

The focus for NB-IoT technology is to deliver deep coverage and low power consumption. However, the NB-IoT chip is the key to implement these goals. Long term experience and investment are needed to develop a competitive chipset with higher integration and lower power consumption. Huawei started developing NB-IoT in 2014 and released the first prototype in 2015. Boudica 120 followed just 3 months after the 3GPP R13 NB-IoT standard finalized and then Boudica 150 was released in 2017 to support more use cases. According to Huawei, Boudica 200 in 2020 will enable billions of NB-IoT connections with its higher integration, more secure solution and value-add features.

Huawei is working closely with partners to provide chipset, software and network solutions, to provide an open, unified IoT platform to support quick integration and application development. In addition to providing professional test tools and consultancy services to ensure a seamless NB-IoT service, Huawei has already deployed more than 20 NB-IoT networks and was recently recognized for its contribution through an industry award. Huawei is also very active in the ecosystem, with its OpenLab activities and online developer community, collaborating with more than 40 vertical industries and 1000 partners. Huawei also takes leadership positions in more than 20 IoT related alliances to promote long term development of the IoT business.