Home News HiSilicon release latest 4K Smart TV SoC Chipset Hi3751V560

HiSilicon release latest 4K Smart TV SoC Chipset Hi3751V560

[Shenzhen,China, September29] Smart TV market share grows very fast in these years, the more convenient interactive mode of voice has gradually become the standard for smart TV. HiSilicon has released its latest Hi3751V56x series targeting in 4K smart TV market.

Hi3751V560 is based on the 28nm process supporting 4K60fps codec with a quad-core ARM? Cortex? A55 64-bit CPU and a multicore ARM? Mali-G52 GPU. Hi3751V56x family should have 2 models, Hi3751V560 and Hi3751V563 are embedded 1GB DDR and can support 1G to 3G use case with or without external DDR. Hi3751V56x series are designed to be the high performance 4K solution for global UHD smart TV market.

Key Features:

?Quad-Core Cortex? A55.

?Multi-Core Mali-G52.

[email protected] Codec.

?Support 4K Tconless panel.

? HDMI 2.0.


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