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Hisilicon releases latest UHD product series supporting 4K large-screen display applications

[Shenzhen, China, 10 April 2019] Hisilicon officially launched next generation 4K panel display TCON chipset Hi3231V53x series.

Hi3231V53x series product embedded single-gate/dual-gate/tri-gate panel structure and GOA timing, high speed P2P interface, excellent Charging Compensation and Viewing Angle Compensation, high reliability, and other new technologies, etc. Hi3231V53x series enables customers to get more reliable and compatible access to devices and help customers present excellent Picture Quality.

    Hi3231V53x 4k TCON key features:

  • UHD 60Hz/120Hz display

  • 8lane V-by-One input

  • Mini-LVDS/P2P output

  • Single-gate/dual-gate/tri-gate Panel

  • Flexible normal/GOA TCON timing

  • Real regional Line OD

  • View angle compensation

  • Flexible pattern detection

  • Regional OD and 2-frame OD

  • De-mura

  • Random Dither

  • 3D color engine

  • Auto gamma


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