Home News HiSilicon Provide Continuous Enablement for Smart Home with Series Chipset Solutions

HiSilicon Provide Continuous Enablement for Smart Home with Series Chipset Solutions

[Shenzhen, China, May 25 2019]HiSilicon will release a smart home chipset solution with full-scenarios, low power consumption and high-performance, including STB, Camera, TV, Connection at the BroadcastAsia 2019(BCA2019) exhibition in Singapore. HiSilicon has rich smart home solutions, covering various application scenarios of smart home and addressing the pain points of smart home.

Home networking is the cornerstone of smart home, which enables smart home devices to communicate with each other, implements smart home control, provides entertainment video services for home users, provides home security services and smart connect services.

At the BCA2019 in Singapore, HiSilicon will demonstrate various smart home entertainment, security and connection devices based on these chipsets, including Intelligent Locks, Smart Cat Eyes, Intelligent IPCs, Smart High-End STBs, Zapper HD STBs, Soundbar, 8K Intelligent TV and G.hn Sub-female Distributed Routing, etc. HiSilicon will adhere to the AI platform strategy and cooperate with industry-leading AI companies to provide and develop various smart home product solutions. On the smart home platform, HiSilicon is willing to work with customers and partners to make families smarter and make life safer and more enjoyable.

BCA2019 runs from June18~20, Hisilicon showcases its products and solutions at L3#301Suntec Singapore.

For more information, please visit HiSilicon online at www.gtypv.club .


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